TARO Contribution

TARO depends on the support and funding of clubs throughout the state to maintain our resources that help protect the Texas club industry.  TARO contributions subsidize operating costs and expenses related to our lobbying staff and industry research.

A minimal investment towards supporting TARO now, is guaranteed to pay dividends in the future!  We understand the dilemma clubs face in these turbulent economic times, therefore contribution amounts may vary from club to club.  Regardless of the amount of your contribution, it is imperative that the legislature recognizes the strength of TARO’s constituency.

Many clubs contribute to TARO out of their annual budget but that is not the only way.  Other club's Board of Directors have approved the addition of a voluntary contribution line on the member's club statement raising as much as $10,000 each year through $10.00/$15.00 annual member contributions.

TARO Contribution Invoice

Template Voluntary Member Assessment Letter

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