TARO PAC Contribution

TARO maintains an affiliated Political Action Committee to support the election of representatives who believe in the right of freedom of association and keeping recreational land uses viable.  TARO PAC can only accept contributions from private individuals, which supports political candidates sympathetic to TARO’s positions.  TARO is not without friends in the legislature, and if we hope to continue to succeed, we must help those legislators who have helped us.

By rule of law, TARO PAC can only accept personal checks from private individuals.  Personal contributions of as little as $50 can go a long way towards preserving a positive business environment for private clubs.

To support TARO PAC, club boards should approve the distribution of a solicitation letter to club members – a template form letter is provided below.  The form letter must include a copy of the TARO PAC Contribution Form (see below) for club members to complete and submit with their PAC contributions.

Template PAC letter to Club Members

TARO PAC Contribution Form

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